Top 5 Famous Abolitionists in the World

The world at large has seen abolitionists, anti-slavery activists and great minds that opposed slavery. This list is a compilation of the top 5 prominent abolitionist leaders and activists. They include the following:

Abigail Adams

Abigail Adams was the wife of John Adams and also happened to be his closest advisor. Her fight for women’s rights is one of the main reasons why she is sometimes considered the founder of the United States. She wrote about the troubles and concerns she faced being an eighteenth-century woman. She was an advocate of married women’s property rights and fought to ensure women got the same opportunities as their counterparts.

She believed that it was wrong for women to submit to laws not made in their interests. So her influence saw many women educate themselves to get recognized for their intellectual capabilities.

David Walker

David Walker is known for his very first work ‘An Appeal in Four Articles’ which was published in 1829. According to Walker, slavery was a moral evil and through his work, he called on the Africans to fight back. Violence was the only way to bring an end to slavery, at least according to Walker.

He states that Africans were also human and Americans and they deserved to be treated as such. His stand not only frightened slave owners but also the opponents of slavery in the North as it embraced violence – see this article on types of slavery throughout history.

William Lloyd Garrison

William Lloyd Garrison was from Massachusetts and his works were inspired by David Walker. His main publication was an anti-slavery newspaper called ‘The Liberator’ which was published in 1831. This was regarded as the formal start of the abolitionist movement.

Being a devoutly Christian, Garrison saw slavery as a mortal sin that no politics or economics could justify. He took the initiative to bring people together in New England and formed the American Anti-Slavery Society.

Frederick Douglass

Being an escaped slave, Frederick Douglass experienced the evil of slavery. He used his excellent abilities as an orator and writers to call out for the abolition of slavery. His publication was called the ‘North Star’. Although he agreed with an abolitionist stand against violence, his speeches to white audiences were quite blunt.

President Lincoln appointed him as his special advisor. He is also known for his fight for the adoption of the constitutional amendments that guaranteed voting rights and the civil liberties given to African Americans. He also spearheaded the recruitment of African Americans for the US Army.

George Brown

George Brown is one of the most famous abolitionists in the world. He was a Scottish-Canadian journalist and a politician. Despite not being an American, Brown attacked slavery in the United States and was among the founders of Anti-Slavery Society of Canada.

The society he helped form was mandated to put an end to slavery in North America. In fact, the individual member of the movement helped former American slaves reach Canada through the Underground Railroad. Such actions pushed black Canadians to enthusiastically support Brown’s political position.